A couple of months ago I went down to a beach to do this interview. The poem he chose was Sonic.

Good evening Bela Farkas, My name is Kingsley McGlew – Producer to the C31 series ‘Behind the Words’. kingsleymcglew@hotmail.com Jacinta Le Plastrier suggested that I contact you for a new segment to appear in the third season of ‘Behind the Words’. Over four episodes, we will be exploring contemporary Melbourne poetry.
I am wondering if you would be interested in discussing the creative process of your poetry, a chosen poem and an actual passage from the poem for a straight to camera piece. I am aiming to achieve the first batch of filming down at Hampton Beach on Saturday morning the 2rd of March from 8am through to 12pm. Filming will take around 20-minutes. If you are interested, what I require is for you to please forward on x3 poems that you would like to discuss – I will select one of those poems and then select a passage from that poem for greater discussion. The finished segment will comprise of; Discussion with the poet on the creative process, a poem in particular and a passage from the poem. An audio reading of the poem (or extract, depending on length of the poem) by a BTW Presenter with creative cutaway/footage to match the poem – a marriage of visual and audio. There is also a chance that the footage will be backed by an original sound composition. I can also include cutaway stills of the actual poem and book cover – I can shoot these on the day or if you have jpegs available, that would be wonderful. If you are happy, I will take a portrait snap on the morning (please view http://www.kingsleymcglew.wordpress.com for samples of previous portraits) – I will email the best portrait snap to you, the portrait snap to be uploaded to the BTW F/Book page and the cream of the crop, will find its eventual way onto the Word Press Page – this aspect is entirely optional. Naturally, there will be a waiver form to sign prior to filming. The Third Season of BTW will go to air on C31 (Melbourne/Geelong) during September 2013 with other states to follow. Please let us know.