So my  awesome six months in Melbourne finished with doing a feature set at West Word. I had no expectations of featuring anywhere in Melbourne but was excited when asked. I really enjoyed myself in Melbourne and met a lot of awesome people who I hope to see when I get a chance to get back.

I made my way back to Canberra and the poetry has continued. I have been privileged to feature at Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! and at a the Co-Op. I have really enjoyed being back in Canberra.

Since I’ve been back I’ve had a chance to see the Launch of my long time friend Andrew Galans Book. It was truly an amazing occasion filled with awesome poets. I was also honoured for him to ask me to perform one of his poems . Here is a link to the recording of the night.

Also if you like what you hear this is where you can get the book.

Later on this year Andrew got a grant for The Tragic Troubadours so we could learn some acting skills and maybe record some poems at Playing Field Studio’s. Our acting teachers during this time was Alison McGregor and Joel Barcham they were really good. During this time I made a CD with the help of Aaron Kirby. I launched this CD at The Phoenix Pub. It’s called Sacrificial Poems.

This was an amazing night. There is no recording yet, but the people who performed on the night were: Andrew Galan, Duncan Felton, Alison McGregor, Zoë Erskine, Aaron Kirby, Arrin Chapman, Ellie Malbon, Ryan Schipper, Fiona McLeod, Hayley Shone, Raphael Kabo & Amelia Filmer-Sankey.

These guys were simply amazing and I could not thank them enough. I also have a new found respect for those who put on events. It’s a lot of hard work. Also a special shout out to Antonie Botes for all his help during this time.

Here is also a link to my album:

This is the cover of the CD made by Andrew Galan.

That brings me to the current festival that I’m working in with the Tragic troubadours. It’s called You Are Here: 9 days of Xmas. It has been pretty fun so far.

Photo: Bit late but have you guys seen this?

Andrew Galan and myself doing poetry for the camera.